by way of introduction

I'm supposed to be doing my thesis I suppose.

My motivation is little to none, hence why I started a random blog.

Two of my friends have blogs on blogger, Mind of an Artist, and Acute Politics. Acute Politics has got some seriously cool post so I recommend that you go there.

Here I will be posting whatever I feel like posting, politics, poetry, pictures, blah blah blah. I suppose that I should say something about myself. I am due to graduate from Northwest Nazarene University this spring with a degree in International Studies. Some people might think that from that sentence that I am a Nazarene and I am into politics. Your only partly right. While I am a "Christian" I am definitely not Nazarene in belief... I do however get money from my school for being a member of the church and with how much this bloody school costs I don't feel bad. I used to be Nazarene however contact with other Nazarenes at this school has made me merely "Christian" with out any affiliation.

As for my degree, I am very much into international politics. However it's more of I had no clue what I wanted to do after college I just did what looked cool except I can't draw or paint worth crap, so art was out of the question. My favorite things about what I learned in college are Political Theory, Philosophy, and that Paradigms aren't for me. My short term goals are to finish my thesis, figure out how to pay back my student loans, and graduate from college, while my long term goals is to become an architect (yeah has a lot to do with International Studies) and to be debt free.