Photoshop is fun! ...and EVIL!.... and stuff

Threw her amazing internet magic, Bekah got her hands on some discs on learning to use photoshop. Taking this acquisition of hers into my own use I went ahead and went threw the first disc. As a result of evil photoshop magic I took three pictures, fucked around with them for a while and got one horrifying picture as some sort of punishment. The punishment is currently displayed below in JPEG form.

In other news, I signed up for personal finance this semester. Thought it might be good. So far though I haven't learned much, but I have made it known to the people around me that I am a terrible person. I did this in one swift move today. There was a question of what financial steps one could take to help with the costs of paying for an elderly mother living at a retirement home for 2500 a month. I quickly brilliantly came up with a solution, Euthanasia.