8 edited poems

Here are some of the poems that I turned into class the other day. some of the poems has strange spacing and I haven't figured out how to make blogger recognize the spacing yet, so it may be a while till I post all eight

Untitled #1
By C.R. Marquez

Fuzzy Lump-kin Chased the Happiness
Around the Gnarled Oak, Chasing its Tattered Youth.

Only to find that Happiness had Eluded his grasp
Like there Concrete had Fooled my Abstract

Saturday at Seven
By C.R. Marquez

Staring at my shoes Saturday at Seven, i
Startle at the Sound of a
Shot South of my studio.
Swiftly i sneak to
Spot the Shooter. a
Slender shadow
Shrouded in silence.

Surely the slayer Showed for the
Skipper who Squealed on
Sammy the Snnnake
Safely i Stash away
Safely under my kitchen
Sink i Sat Slurping Sherry
Staring at my Shoes Saturday at Seven

The Brown Leather Arm Chair
By C.R. Marquez

So subtle as to be confused with scenery
The brown leather chair
Sits quietly next to the corner office.
Many had an affair with softer seating,
But returned to the brown leather chair
Next to the corner office
Addicted to its simple seating.

What You Do To Me
By C.R. Marquez

The unstoppable urge to smile

The hop in my step

The twinkle in my eye

And the dimple in my cheek

What you do to me

By C.R. Marquez

Void is my heart and mind
I can no longer see
Her bright face, or
Hear her soft voice.

I can no longer feel
Her smooth skin against mine
Or smell her sweet perfume
Void is my heart and mind

We would walk together
At night, through
The rain’s soft song
Waltzing to its whisper

We no longer walk together
I am alone, the
Emptiness has filled me
Void is my heart and mind.

Untitled #3
By C.R. Marquez

In the centerfield of my catchers mitt
I discover the state of New York
But got lost in the batters box
In it time was obsolete

Everywhere I could taste Reason
Then it was like the first World Series
But now its football season
In the center field of my catchers mitt


bekah said...

Hey baby, just wanted to let you know that I do read this :) So here's your comment, and I love you.