Undiet and some good news

The new diet failed by the way. It had been so long since it was first suggested to Bekah and I that we forgot why we even wanted to do it. Which made the 2nd and 3rd day completely unbearable. We have since stopped the evil diet and returned to eating meat.

The diet was not a complete failure though. We rediscovered a love of fresh vegetable and fruit, rice, and freshly prepared meals. Also I concluded that an excessive amount of grease or butter makes my stomach feel like shit. So at least we are being a bit healthier in general.

In other news I got my first draft of my thesis back from Dr. Gismondi. While he got on my case for using 2nd person pronouns he said it was good over all. I have worked on it off and on for a few days and am almost done making corrections. I turn in the final draft on friday.

I took the COMPASS math test on Monday. I was nervous going in since I had not done serious math in five years and I didn't study as much as I would have liked to. none the less I passed the fucking test. So I will finally get my degree this semester.