The President's speech

Wow. Wow is all I can say. I don't like how so many people decided to not even try to listen to what the President had to say. Bekah has been saying it and I agree that to decide to pull your kids from school or not allow them to watch the speech is just teaching our kids that if you don't agree with someone on some topics you should just not even listen to them at all. I think it is extremely rude to show such disrespect to the President. If I was a parent worried about the content of his speech I would have read it ahead of time or at least watched the speech with my kid and then talked about it with him/her later.

Critics had said that this was a way to influence school kids before they could make up there own minds. Even if the speech showed a hint of President Obama's ideaology, doesn't the process of making an opinion start with hearing each side of the argument? I think that the people who spoke out so fervently against this speech were merely trying to make this into a political issue and score some points. When really all they did was show how ignorant they are and how bad they make there party, there state, and there constiuents look.

After hearing the speech, I think that many people who pulled there kids, or said something negative about the President, will feel a little foolish.