I decided to try my hand at writing a Novel this month when I heard about NaNoWriMo. So far I have just over a days worth of writing done and it's almost day 5, so things not looking so good. I'm not terribly worried yet I have a lot of time right now and I will be doing little else but write this weekend. Me and Bekah have finally found a good time to spend a few days up in McCall (which we have been trying to do for like 2 years now and it never seems to work out). Which will be great, we really need a weekend get away. It will give us a chance to recharge relax, and for me to write.

So far the novel hasn't been terribly difficult to write when I actually sit down to write, but it's not going where I had planned. I originally wanted to write about a man who turns into a zombie and keeps his intelligence but still has all the same zombie urges. I got the idea from watching to many zombie movies and Jonathan Coulton's RE: Your Brains. Who knows it might actually end up like that anyway but for now I haven't even began to write about ziombies. So far I have three characters and no idea where they are taking me.