DS Review x2

I'm posting two reviews now since I didn't post any last week. I know these games have been out for a while but I just played them. So, for those who have yet to play "New Super Mario" or "Tony Hawk: Proving Grounds DS" here ya go.

New Super Mario

Score: 7 (solid game)

Value: buy (used)

Who doesn't love a good Mario game, really? While at first New Super Mario is extremely easy (I think I almost fell asleep playing through world one), it doesn't stay that way for long. Once I got to world eight I found that my large stack of lives quickly became depleted and I needed to use my special coins to get more lives or the princess would go unsaved forever! In each level you can collect up to three coins to use to get mushroom power-ups or lives. They're remarkably easy to get at first and then insanely difficult to get later, so use them wisely.

Things to be thankful for: wall jumping, responsive controls, and fun new power ups like Mega Mushrooms, Mini Mushrooms, and Koopa Shells (fun but difficult to use), all of which add a fun new twist to the game. Things to be unthankful for: Bowser Jr. (creepy), watching Bowser turn into Dry Bones Bowser (sad and creepy) and the random opening scene:

Mario: oh hey! Look lightning hit da castle.

Bowser Jr.: (snatch princess) yoink!

Princess: Help!

Mario: oh noes!

A very amusing game with plenty of content, New Super Mario took away 20 hours of my life and I still hadn't beat it even close to 100%. Once you do reach 100% goal it will all be worth it... right? I didn't get a chance to play the multi-player vs. feature, but it looks like a blast. Unless you already have a copy I suggest you go out and snag a used one (since it's been out forever).

Tony Hawk: Proving Grounds

Score: 7 (solid game)

Value: buy (used)

I have a love-hate relationship with Tony Hawk games. I love to play them until I get to the point where I need to string together more tricks than Tony Hawk himself can: then I HATE them. Setting that aside I <3>

The downsides to playing Tony Hawk on the DS are your graphics get turned down to THPS1 style, and your custom character isn't as customizable anymore. I wish I wasn't limited to 35 or so different heads and that in order to have a certain t-shirt my character didn't have to be a toothpick. I can't complain too much, though. I would sacrifice customization for the sheer hours of possible game play any day.

Keep this game around… Well, at least until you get your hands on Tony Hawk's Motion for DS.


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