DS Review

I decided that since I was going to play more games I would also write about them. Here is my first review.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

Score: 6/10 not bad

Value: Rent/buy used

I picked up Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box as ads for this game got me intrigued enough to try it out this being the first Professor Layton game I have played I have to say that I am very pleased. The continuing story was for the most part easy to pick up on, although some of the introductions to previous characters were not well thought out. It was hard to pick up on who Flora was and why she was even there.

The story begins with Professor Layton receiving a letter from his mentor about the Diabolical Box, which is rumored to kill whoever opens it. Layton and Luke go to make sure the doctor is alright only to find him dead and the box missing. Layton and Luke then follow a number of clues in hopes of discovering more about the Diabolical Box. While the plot does start off rather slow and bumpy and doesn't get better. While the plot is terrible the characters and puzzles are likeable enough, and the using the stylus to control the game is smooth and not at all difficult.

The best part of this game, and the reason I think it is worth playing, is that it has puzzles that are challenging enough that they will take you forever to figure out and a few puzzles that most people will not be able to finish. Given that the puzzles are great and the controls are easy to manipulate overall this game is an enjoyable experience with roughly 18-20 hours of game play available. I would rent this game or buy it used and then sell it on craigslist. While I wouldn't buy this game new, if you like puzzles a lot you would want to get this game fast and hold onto it as each week there is another puzzle available for download.


semi-crazy blonde girl said...

Did you play the first one after you played this one? I'm curious how the two compare. Not gonna lie. I loved the first one and so the second one is on my need to own list. :)

I think the game reviews are a good idea. It will be fun to see what you think of different games that I have played or want to play.

C.R. Marquez said...

I haven't played the first one. I think I might just have too to get some perspective on the series. Do you still have a copy of it that I could maybe borrow?

Murdoc said...

I played both, first first, and second second. I loved them both. I thought the story in the first was a little more in depth, but also a little more predictable.